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Buy accutane 20mg online at (this is an affiliate link and you pay a little extra) By now, you're probably all used to a new kind of "unstable" Internet, where anything that goes wrong in your world — real or imagined has the potential to be most important Internet story for days, weeks, months, or even years to come. Now imagine something even more dangerous. that can go wrong in your Accutane 270 pills 20 mg - 295.48$ world that has the potential to be biggest event of all time, and yet still is mostly ignored. And that's exactly how one Internet story is emerging for China — the tale of a government crackdown on massive, shadowy company, Baidu, that controls a lot of Chinese Internet traffic. (We won't describe that company here, except to say that it is Chinese, and has a very big market share in China.) "The Great Leap Forward of 2010" is the title a new book by Beijing-based journalist Li Feng, who writes for the New York Times. It's a sobering, gripping book that includes photos of a mannequin the founder China's biggest search engine, Baidu's co-founder and former CEO Sun Yang. The book opens with a shocking scene that sets the mood. Li points to a poster of Sun — standing next to a giant Baidu logo — and says, "A little more than a year ago, in the middle of a Beijing traffic jam, I walked past a sign reading with perfect certainty that the government would end China. That very morning, as I watched the traffic in streets, I also predicted that Baidu would be among the beneficiaries of that government crackdown." The next day, in what was to be China's Great Leap Forward, hundreds of thousands people were killed buy accutane 5 mg by the Great Leap. "We Are Not Here Yet" Here's how Li describes Baidu — it's different from Google, and how it is different from Yahoo and other major search engines: "Baidu is a small Internet company, but like most of the new-media giants it is driven by a very narrow, ideologically driven agenda. It wants to become even larger manual for canadas national drug scheduling system than Google, which dominates the search market. "Baidu hopes to become the world's biggest search engine, but it has long been wary about making its products available to people outside China. It has an enormous number of employees in Silicon Valley and Beijing, a company headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., and its most important employees are drawn from within the company. "To get Chinese Web surfers to use its services, Baidu employs dozens of agents in China; each agent is given the job of creating an entirely new product category — for example, e-sports that no other search engine can touch. That puts Baidu in the position where very products that attract people to its services — such as a chat service or cloud-based app — must be designed from scratch, even though it already has a huge number of ideas. All those ideas must be approved, developed and tested by Chinese employees who can't discuss what they're working on with anyone else. There are also very strict limits on how much of what they can do be discussed with visitors." These are the kinds of rules and regulations that Google has long found infuriating — and have helped fuel all the firestorm that took place over search engine censorship in China over the last two weeks.

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